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We are experiencing a high level of work this week, so I haven’t had time to post an interesting subject today. Instead I will post this quick update. Here is one of my favorite recently finished logo designs:

SoftwareHouse London
The brief was relatively straight forward, make it look like a software company, and somehow incorporate a house into the mix. I designed this hexagon, and cut out a door, to give it a subtle house feel. The client was very happy, and chose this design without any changes.

Another reason for me not posting something other than this today, is that I am working on adding a new section to the website, we are going to be providing low cost website design services, and will have 4 packs to choose from, from a starter 5 page contact/info website, right up to a fully blown 10+ page website.  You can see it here soon..

Come back next week, when I promise I will have something more interesting to talk about.

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