How to choose the right typography for your brand.

The most important part of your brand is your logo. And one of the most important elements that make a logo stand out from the rest, is the choice of typography. Whenever we design a logo, we pick the font that fits the brief, and overall look of the logo, but sometimes, it comes down to the client's choice. Here we break down the factors to help you make that important choice. 1: Identify your brand. The most important step is understanding who you are as a brand, what personality do you want to emit? Are you a well established law firm, with a serious stance? Or a social media advertising agency, with a younger hip image? A serif font ...Read More »

Meet Cooper Black. One of the coolest fonts out there.

A quick history on the font, and why I love it.This whole post was sparked by a can of craft beer I had last night (apart from graphic design, craft beer is my slightly unhealthy passion in life) The beer in question, “Haze is the place” a Hazy IPA from Morenos (A Mexican brewery) and its label. As I was drinking it with my wife Elisa, I decided to bore her with a bit of font spotting, and told her the font used on the label is called Cooper Black, and went on to tell her what I'm about to tell you. Chicago, 1919, World War One had just ended, and the world, particularly the US, had an upsurge in ...Read More »

Logo Design; Human vs Ai

A logo design for your business is highly important, but with so many choices online these days, which should you pick? Human creativity or an Ai generated logo?Before the written word, people left their marks through pictorial designs. It’s not surprising that these signs and logos are still with us today. If a picture speaks a thousand words, a well-designed logo can express its creator’s message far more profoundly than words ever can. If you have a flourishing business, why should you invest in a logo? Logos are very effective communicators. They grab attention, convey messages, and leave an impression. Creating an original logo is the first step towards branding your business and increasing your public exposure. Creating your logo. ...Read More »

The easiest way to speed up your wordpress website

Here is our guide on how to speed up your wordpress website,Using a mix of plugins and third party providers.I came to write this post after a long time (I'm talking years!) of tweaking, and experimenting on our wesbite, to achieve the fastest version of the site possible, and I think we are there.  The below image shows the site load time before and after we applied the steps in this guide. (we used pingdom for this test) As you can see, I managed to shave off around 5 seconds load time. But you may be asking,  why is this important? well, if you want to be ranking higher in the google search results, then speed is now a ranking ...Read More »

Start your own business. The easy way – a basic guide.

So you want to start your own business but don't know how?I'm going to show you the easy, and most cost effective way to do so.So the 1st question you might have is, "What do you know?" well, I started way back in 2005, and I had no idea of how to do things, but over the past 13 years I have grown my business using basic SEO, google, and social media. Back in 2005 the social media scene wasn't as predominant as it is today so I started off with trying to get my site ranking well, that took time, and money, but these days its as easy as its ever been. So here is my guide, now ...Read More »

YouTube has a new logo, you should too.

So, you might, or might not have noticed youtube has updated their logo. The above gif shows the evolution of their platform and logo over the years. They haven't really changed the logo that much up until this week, and that is understandable. YouTube has always had a very strong brand presence, and has never really needed a new logo, but as with many companies, the time came to update the look to be more modern. As you can see above, YouTube's new logo is quite simple in its undertaking. They have taken the red play button, which, lets be honest has become more recognizable as being youtube than their actual logo, its the symbol we all see at the ...Read More »

The wonderfully simple design of the Tabasco Sauce brand.

The design of the Tabasco sauce bottle and branding, I find so simple in its execution, here's why. The actual design of the logo is very simple. If you break it down, it is basically 2 geometric shapes, a circle and a square. Plus the name and other wording in just 2 colors. It is, nothing special, but at the same time, this is why it works so well. Some of the best logo designs in the world are the most basic, think Nike, its just a tick/swoosh. So what makes this logo and others, so memorable? the answer to that is good branding.   The whole design of the Tabasco brand revolves around 3 colors. Red (the actual sauce color), ...Read More »

The ultimate breakdown of graphic file types

Here at, once a project has been approved and finalized, we send out a .zip file with various file types. Sometimes the client does not understand which is used for what, to help, here is a breakdown of each of them. 1: .zip. Lets start off with the file type we send all of the elements in, a .zip file. A zip file is a folder containing elements, that has been compressed. This helps to save file space and makes the files easier to send either via email or A zip file can be easily opened on your computer by saving it, then double clicking on the archive. 2: .ai. Ai files are the source files for our logo's. ...Read More »

Our favorite fonts & where to download them for free.

 Fonts are one of the designers most important tools, they can either make or break a logo design. Here, in no particular order, are some of our favorite fonts from recent years. BEBAS NEUE. This is a great font for using at smaller sizes, such as taglines. Its a clear, bold, all caps font. You can download it here. AILERONS. This font is sleek and slender, and gives that futuristic look, without being too much, you can see it in use in our logo design portfolio. You can download it here. BUKHARI. I personally LOVE this font, my colleagues, less so.  Its a fun, rounded script font, a great alternative to the over used "trendy" script fonts. If used well, it can ...Read More »

The importance of writing a good design brief

The very 1st step when we start the logo design process and any graphic design process really, is the design brief. The brief is our window into your thoughts, your tastes and ideas about what you want to see, what to hope to see in your design. It is so important to get this right, as the draft designs will reflect what you put into the brief. You wouldn’t believe the amount of times we hear things like “but you didn’t include….in the designs!”, and we reply, “but you didn’t put….into your brief, and we are not mind readers.” Here are some tips on writing the perfect brief, one that a graphic designer should be able to use to achieve …Read More »