Got a business? get a business card!

You must have, at one point in your life, have been given a business card. You might have thrown it away or it might be stuck on your refrigerator door with a magnate. And that’s important, the one you threw away was probably pretty ugly, or it wasn’t easy to read. If you have a business, you need a business card, its standard business practice, but make sure its a pretty one. Here are a couple of examples of cards we have done in the past: Now that you have your design ready, its time to get it printed. You have a couple of options, I will take you through them. 1: Your local printer. Depending on where you go, …Read More »

Its time to get yourself a website, here are your options

So, you have a snazzy new logo, your social media profiles are attracting some attention. Its time to get yourself a website. You have to ask yourself first though, do I need a website? I would say if you are a youtuber, singer or band, things like that, no, I would stick to using social media, you can gain a lot more coverage than a website does. If you provide professional services such as accounting, photography, realtor, lawyer, etc, I would highly recommend a website. It provides another level of trust to your clients, and makes you look a lot more professional. So what are your options. 1: godaddy site builder. If you use godaddy for your domain and hosting, …Read More »

Up at 4 a.m Designing A Logo In 1 Hour

So last week, I told you guys about the conference I was taking part in, you can read up on it here. I just wanted to do a quick write up on how it went. 4:30 a.m, and I get the skype call from Pau, I’m in front of an audience of around 200 people, with my morning hair and beard. I said hi, then Pau began to deliver their brief. “Its a travel website, designed to take your interests and provide you with a perfect destination along with things to there. The name is UwannaGO” That was it, I was given free reign on the designs, but I only had an hour to come up with the usual 5 draft …Read More »

Create A Real Startup In 2 Hours

Im going to be involved with something a little different this coming Friday. At 4am my time, I will be creating a logo design, in real time, based on the name and ideas of what the audience of a conference in Madrid will choose. The conference was setup by Pau Garcia Mila, a long standing client of mine, and Lluís Soldevila (Senior Engineer and PDD by IESE) and it talks about how to setup a Startup company in 2 hours. (a landing page, logo, name, &  domain) I will be working fast, to create their logo within an hour early Friday morning, and will report on how it went in my next blog post.   “Talking about entrepreneurship and prototyping …Read More »

The key to a successful Brand Identity

In today’s competitive market, your business needs to stand out from the rest, the best way to do this is to have a solid, professional brand identity. 1: A great looking logo. The 1st important part of your brand identity is a great looking, timeless, modern logo. This can be viewed as the  foundations of the look of your business. I have discussed how to get a great looking logo design in my previous post here.  So lets take this recently finished logo as an example: The client wanted a nice simple, modern looking logo, they are an internet marketing company. This is the final logo we arrived at after 3 revisions rounds. We and the client are very happy with it, …Read More »

The importance of the right font choice in a logo design

Fonts. There a literally thousands and thousands of them in use in the world today. So for a graphic designer, the choice in a logo design is crucial, they set the tone, the feel and the look of a logo design. They can make the difference between a great looking logo, and a terrible one. Below are examples of how fonts effect the design, I have used a simple circle to represent the icon part of a logo, and I have only used 2 colors. Lets start with the bad. These are fonts a designer should never use, even if the client requests them specially, the top 3 most hated (and rightly so) fonts for graphic designers: 1: Papyrus. My personal …Read More »

The creative process behind a final logo design

Most of you only see the final product, the final logo design, but what goes on behind the scenes? Lets take this logo:   This is the final logo for a podcast. The brief was basically to use the red and grey colors, and to represent the modern format of a podcast. (one request was to include a nerdy design) The client showed us this previous design along with their comments: “We currently have these 4 options that were presented to us.  The parent company’s (On the Level Digital) logo is the red D     I am just not feeling these 4 choices.  While the incorporation of the microphone is a nice touch, it doesn’t really sum up that this is …Read More »

Working with a Graphic Designer for the 1st time?

If you have never worked with a Graphic designer before, the prospect can be a bit daunting, what with all their designer terms and technicalities. But it really isn’t something you should be scared about. Most designers don’t bite (unless you tell them to “make it pop”) and their job is to deliver a professional product based on your needs. Here are some handy tips: The brief. The most important part of the creative process is developing a good brief. Some designers will ask you to fill out a form to create the brief, others will ask you specific questions and have you form most of the brief. Either way, you should explain what’s going on in your head, the …Read More »

Fun Font Infographic

One of, if not the most important tool for a graphic designer are fonts. Typography is what makes the difference between a good design, and a dreadful one. Check out my fun fact infographic.  

Why your business needs a logo, and how to get one for less

We live in a world with so many business competitors, that even with a strong competitive advantage, it is highly possible other, similar business, may have that edge on you. So, what could you do to stand out? How to make your potential clients to choose you? Because let’s face it, even if you are offering the best product/service it might not be enough, you can’t solely rely on what you offer, you also have to look like you are the best. You have to convince your potential clients that you are the best option, and all this only with your logo and company image. It sounds difficult, but this could actually be a good thing for small/new businesses. A logo …Read More »