Why your business needs a logo, and how to get one for less

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Why your business needs a logo, and how to get one for less

We live in a world with so many business competitors, that even with a strong competitive advantage, it is highly possible other, similar business, may have that edge on you.

So, what could you do to stand out? How to make your potential clients to choose you?

Because let’s face it, even if you are offering the best product/service it might not be enough, you can’t solely rely on what you offer, you also have to look like you are the best. You have to convince your potential clients that you are the best option, and all this only with your logo and company image. It sounds difficult, but this could actually be a good thing for small/new businesses. A logo that shows a professional trustworthy look will encourage people to give you a chance.

Now comes the difficult part…

Once you have your business planned, and start looking for a graphic designer, you are going to find an immense amount of options, all at very different prices.

Free: You could try your hand at an online logo maker. These tend to be very limited in options, and rely heavily on clipart and standard fonts. You could probably achieve the same quality in word.

$5. Fivvr: You could try your luck sifting through the countless gigs offered on Fivvr. You will not be guaranteed quality, and you really do get what you pay for. This will be fine for really small, just getting started business.

Expensive: $600+ for a good quality, but ridiculously expensive. These prices usually tend to come from big, well established graphic design studios, or freelance graphic designers. Perfect if you have a big budget.

The right balance: $95 for a logo design. High quality and reasonably priced and with personal attention.

My company, logoglo.com charges this for a logo design because we know the difficulties and costs of starting a new business, and the importance of having a strong image to start with. We keep our overheads down, and employ only passionate graphic designers so we can design low cost logo’s for startup businesses.

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