Logo Design; Human vs Ai

logo design human vs ai

A logo design for your business is highly important, but with so many choices online these days, which should you pick? Human creativity or an Ai generated logo?

Before the written word, people left their marks through pictorial designs. It’s not surprising that these signs and logos are still with us today. If a picture speaks a thousand words, a well-designed logo can express its creator’s message far more profoundly than words ever can.

If you have a flourishing business, why should you invest in a logo? Logos are very effective communicators. They grab attention, convey messages, and leave an impression. Creating an original logo is the first step towards branding your business and increasing your public exposure.

Creating your logo. Creating a logo may seem like a simple task, but, in practice, it is quite complex. The idea is to tailor a logo that showcases both your business and its philosophy. This demands a great deal of creativity, psychology, and advertising know how. The best logo designs demand time and experience. Today, there are two main ways to get your logos made: people use ai driven, online logo generators or they hire a professional designer. Both options have their pros and cons:

ai brainAi. Logos generated online.
Recent technological advances, including the advent of AI technology, have created a niche for logos designed and generated online. The main pros of using this new tech are two-fold:

  1. Ease of use: The programs are simple and easy to handle so that you can generate your logo fast.
  2. Price tag: Most online logo generators are pretty cheap.

Of course, just like every new tech, logos generated online have cons as well:

  1. Unfocused end product: having the intent to create a logo doesn’t make a professional logo designer. Great logo design takes time, talent, and experience that can’t be replicated by a computer program. Logos generated online, therefore, tend to look less focused and professional than those made by an expert. They also lack that effective subliminal messaging and warmth that professional logos can convey.
  2. Unoriginal: logos generated online can be original, but they tend to use templates, and pre-generated themes, leading to unoriginality.
  3. Copyright infringement: your generated logo could be used by multiple users, because these users may have the same level of experience (not much) and they will be using the same tools (not many). In such a situation, the chances that someone else somewhere will use the same logo are higher than if a professional logo designer were involved. Of course, any logo that is being used by multiple people becomes a legal hazard; having to defend yourself in court over copyright infringement issues is a real risk.

human brainHuman. Professional designer.
Working with a professional logo designer is more popular with businesses than the DIY option. This is because working with a reputable professional means that you can count on receiving an original, effective, logo that will stand out.

The combination of originality and effectiveness attracts people to working with human designers. A creative mind will help your business logo stand up to competing brands. And it can help your brand stand out from the competition. AI can’t replicate the creativity of the human mind; or at least not yet.

While amateur designers, such as business owners who put on their designer cap for the few minutes or hours required to create a business logo using an application online, can create passable logos, a professional designer has the expertise to make your logo say more to potential customers.

Working with a professional designer can add polish to an otherwise amateur-looking design. This is because the pro’s have studied design and logo design and know how to communicate visually. The effective use of color, font, size, and the balance of elements are just a few factors that can make an otherwise flat image jump off the page.

A great logo becomes synonymous with a brand and its values. It is more than a firm’s initials in capitals. A great logo has meaning and purpose. Professional designers are invaluable when it comes to imbuing a logo with the emotional or philosophical content that will help it resonate with the brand’s market.

If you want a logo right off the bat for a temporary project, opting for the online generator may be the best choice. If you’re looking for a logo that will stand the test of time and will put your business on the map, however, you can’t afford not to use a professional. Your investment will be more than repaid by the quality and effectiveness of the resulting logo.