Is graphic design dead?

I keep hearing terrible rumors that graphic design is dead. That people with no training in graphic design are picking up their smart phones and tablets, and graphic designing. Well, in part, this is true, phones and tablets are getting smarter by the day, and are helped along by some really great design apps. Canva is one of these apps, its actually really good, and if you have a little bit of creativity inside you, this will help bring it out. But what does this mean for graphic designers? I mean the professional ones, like myself, that earn a living from this art. Well, to be honest, I’m not scared. I think its great that people can pick up apps like …Read More »

2016 logo trends

As a logo designer, sometimes you have to work to trends, to be a trend setter is difficult. But this year we have ignored them, and gone our own way. So I decided to write this post based on some research I did of this years trends, and some of the logo’s we designed that seam to follow them. Simple Circle. As I was researching this post, I found this trend was a big one, using simple circles in the logo design. Some of the worlds top brands have adopted this trend in 2016, Asana, Opentable, and USA Today being some of them. Here is one of the logo’s we designed this year that follows suit: Half and half. I really like …Read More »

New Logo for Michigan University Badminton Club

So, recently, we have been offering up to student organizations across the US, a free logo design for their team, organisation, or club. We just finished one of them. It was designed for Michigan University Badminton Club. Check them out here. Here are the initial drafts we came up with: And this is the final chosen logo: So, if you are a US University club, organisation, or sports team and you want a FREE logo design, get in touch with us. 

Jamestown Community College logo redesign (just for fun)

I was using stumble upon, and came across this article about Jamestown Community College and their efforts on a logo redesign. So after we closed for the day, I thought I would give it a go myself, just for fun. The results: (Their old logo is on the left.) It would be great to hear your opinions on the redesign. Remember to check out our services here. That’s all from me for now.

The best and worst logo redesigns in recent times

So, what got me thinking about this was the recent Instagram logo redesign. Its getting a lot of attention, for all the wrong reasons. It’s getting a lot of hate, and I can understand why, it kind of looks like it has been redesigned by a child with no design skills. But I have to be honest, I like it. As any graphic designer knows, there is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes of a logo design, and I guarantee, in less than a couple of months, you will have forgotten about the old logo. So that brings me on to my list of (personal) best and worst logo redesigns of recent times. Lets start with the …Read More »

We also provide low cost web design services

This is a quick post to let you know that also provides low cost web design. for more information, examples and prices, go to our web design page here. So you have a brand new logo, stationery, social media, the works, what you really need now, to get your business out into the world, is a good looking website. The world runs on the internet, so its very important you have a professional and functional website that will engage customers and keep them coming back. Here is an example of the latest website we have just finished, for the company Upssid.   We use wordpress as a platform, and implement the X-Theme, the most customizable theme on the market. …Read More »

What is the value of a low cost logo design?

Here at logoglo, we specialize in low cost logo design. I often get asked, “how can you charge so little?” or “how can your logo’s be any good at that price?” its a good question. Lets take a look at the Agent evolution logo below. This is a high quality, modern looking logo design, how did it cost $95? We have touched on this subject before, there are lots of differently priced design studios out there, the cheaper ones often produce poor results, but we have found the right balance between the time it takes to produce such a logo, and the end products quality. This is to say, we use our years of expertise of working on logo designs to execute …Read More »

Are you a nonprofit organization?

Are you a nonprofit organization? Here is how you can win a free logo. This week we are running a competition to win either a logo revamp, or a totally new logo design, plus brand new social media images. For more info about how we work, please check out our homepage. So, if you are a nonprofit organization and you fancy your chances, this is what you need to do. 1: In the comments below, give us a short introduction about what you do, and a link to your website or social media. 2: (optional) Share this post, like this post over our social media platforms. Thats it! The competition and comments for this post will close on May 19th …Read More »

What is Responsive Design and Why Does My Site Need It?

1st of all, what does “responsive design” mean? Basically, it mean that when your website is viewed on different screen sizes, browsers and devices, the site will always look good, be readable and stay functional. The image below shows how our site is responsive across various devices: You can watch this great video that further explains what it means to be responsive: So why does your site need to be responsive? Simple, you want visitors to come to your site, enjoy the experience and spend as much time as possible on their so it leads to what ever the goal of your site is, be it eCommerce, or other forms of interaction. There is nothing worse for a visitor to experience …Read More »

Create a successful Facebook advert.

Hi guys, so, we have had varying success using Facebook adverts. For me its a great tool and helped us gain more followers, and a lot more business. Before you even start with an ad campaign, its important to have your business properly setup, this means, have a professional, good looking logo and Facebook cover image, much like the example below: This makes your page a lot more attractive to potential customers and fans. Next is to decide on what kind of campaign you want, weather its to promote a post, or an image post, or to promote the entire page to get more likes. They are both similar, but we will use an example of a page advert. Step …Read More »