Got a business? get a business card!

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You must have, at one point in your life, have been given a business card. You might have thrown it away or it might be stuck on your refrigerator door with a magnate. And that’s important, the one you threw away was probably pretty ugly, or it wasn’t easy to read. If you have a business, you need a business card, its standard business practice, but make sure its a pretty one. Here are a couple of examples of cards we have done in the past:

business card

Now that you have your design ready, its time to get it printed. You have a couple of options, I will take you through them.

1: Your local printer. Depending on where you go, this might be the cheapest option, they are in competition with the likes of my other examples further down, the bigger companies. Make sure you visit them and check out their quality, and paper options. And make sure you ask for their print specs and sizes to pass on to your design before they start the design.

2:  Another cheapish example. Their quality is ok, and they have various paper options to choose from, each going up in price, from your standard weight right up to nice thick matte paper. A great choice for balance of quality and price.

3: Again, another vistaprint like company, great balance of quality and prices, various paper and print finish options, but if you want to spend that little bit extra they have whats called….

4: Mooluxe. These cards cost more obviously, but they are thick, made with special cotton paper, and have a thin colored laminate layer in the middle, giving it a colorful edge once cut. Whoever you give this card to will definitely think twice about throwing it away. You can see how that looks below, this card was done for one of our clients, and they loved it.

business card