What is the value of a low cost logo design?

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Here at logoglo, we specialize in low cost logo design.

I often get asked, “how can you charge so little?” or “how can your logo’s be any good at that price?” its a good question. Lets take a look at the Agent evolution logo below.

low cost logo design
This is a high quality, modern looking logo design, how did it cost $95? We have touched on this subject before, there are lots of differently priced design studios out there, the cheaper ones often produce poor results, but we have found the right balance between the time it takes to produce such a logo, and the end products quality.

This is to say, we use our years of expertise of working on logo designs to execute the ideas in a timely fashion. What people tend to forget is the thought process behind the logo design. The above logo like all of our logo’s started with a set of initial drafts, see below.

economical logo design
These ideas took around 2 hours to draw up using our skills in adobe illustrator, this is where we save time. The actual thought process behind the logo ideas can take a lot longer, but with a solid brief from the client, this can be made easier.

Once these ideas have been presented, any changes, in theory, should  not take too long, we try and aim to getting the logo idea right in the 1st draft. As you can see here, they chose a 1st draft logo with minimal changes.

Our overheads are kept to a minimum with all of our staff working from home. We have meetings via Skype and keep them short and to the point. All of this helps to keep our prices down but the quality up.

the most important factor in our low cost logo design process, is the passion that goes into every logo. Our team have spent years working as graphic designers, and love what they do, this comes naturally to them.

If a logo design doesn’t meet the brief, then we provide a full refund, we get it, sometimes things just don’t work out, but if the logo is nearly there, we will not stop until its right for you. Included in our price are unlimited changes.

So if you are interested in a low cost logo design, get in touch with us, you are in good hands.