Create A Real Startup In 2 Hours

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Create A Real Startup In 2 Hours

Im going to be involved with something a little different this coming Friday. At 4am my time, I will be creating a logo design, in real time, based on the name and ideas of what the audience of a conference in Madrid will choose.

The conference was setup by Pau Garcia Mila, a long standing client of mine, and Lluís Soldevila (Senior Engineer and PDD by IESE) and it talks about how to setup a Startup company in 2 hours. (a landing page, logo, name, &  domain)

I will be working fast, to create their logo within an hour early Friday morning, and will report on how it went in my next blog post.

Pau Garcia Mila


Talking about entrepreneurship and prototyping is always a great thing. But if you can do a live demonstration together with a passionate audience, it goes to the next level. And this is exactly what we’ll be doing on Thursday in Madrid ~ Pau Garcia Mila

So, wish me luck, and if you are a Spanish speaker, check out the conference here, I wish Pau and Lluís all the best, it should be fun.