Start your own business. The easy way – a basic guide.

start your own business

So you want to start your own business but don’t know how?

I’m going to show you the easy, and most cost effective way to do so.

So the 1st question you might have is, “What do you know?” well, I started way back in 2005, and I had no idea of how to do things, but over the past 13 years I have grown my business using basic SEO, google, and social media. Back in 2005 the social media scene wasn’t as predominant as it is today so I started off with trying to get my site ranking well, that took time, and money, but these days its as easy as its ever been.

So here is my guide, now don’t get me wrong, i’m not going to tell you how to run your company or business, or give you the legal in’s and out’s, accounting, just the basics of getting you started.

easy way to start your own business1: Have an idea.

Ok, so this sounds simple, but its often the first hurdle people fall over. You need a solid idea, something that you can do, something you have a passion for. Passion is the key word here, you need it, by the droves, because it can get difficult down the line.

Ideally, something no one has done before, I know, there is not a lot out there, so make sure whatever you do, its either done better, or slightly more unique than your competition.

start your own company2: Develop your brand.

Starting out, you will not have a lot of money, you are making your own business to start making money, so paying for a high priced marketing company is out of the question, you do have options.

DIY. There are plenty of DIY logo sites out there, and of course canva to design your marketing material. But if you are not the creative type, try and find a cost effective graphic design company such as ourselves, just make sure your logo and branding are consistent, and more importantly, look awesome!

google logo3: Use google, its free!

Google my business Its google free business listing. You don’t even need a website to list.

Upload your logo, add in your business hours, your intro, what you do etc, and your address (you don’t need an address to list, but it helps find you if you are a local brick and mortar company.) That’s it! you are now listed on google.

People can now get in touch with you, and have an idea of you and your brand, happy clients can also leave reviews here, which helps boost sales.

facebook logo4: Facebook is vital.

Social media is vital to establish your brand, but Facebook is probably the easiest and cost effective.

Make sure you have a good looking cover image (we can help with that too) Make sure you keep up to date and post something interesting, and related to your business or industry. Do not spam, people hate that. Paid advertising by Facebook is actually cheaper than you might think, you can pay to get likes to your page,  or boost a post.

So shell out a little for a big gain, this is probably the best way to get your business out there next to google business listings.

affordable web design5: Optional. Get yourself a website.

I say its optional, as this can get pricey, thought here are tons of low cost choices for you. Wix or Squarespace is a good start if you are creative, word press too.

If not, then you need to find someone to design you a site. We provide affordable website designs with free domain and hosting for a year, and email setup. Our basic landing page pack is just $190 which sets you up with a nice header image to go with your established brand image, a keyword focused intro, and a contact form to get people in touch with you. Once your business grows, you can upgrade as you wish.

So there you go, now its up to you to take your baby and make it grow! if you have any more tips to add, we would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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  1. I liked your formula for starting a business. I’m less intimidated by this process.

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