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Refund Policy.

1: You are subject to a refund if version 1 of the designs did not meet your brief.
(The brief is based on the info you provide in the logo planner, so if you say you don’t want yellow, and we design with yellow, then we messed up)

2: You are not subject to a refund if you do not like the 1st draft of ideas. Why?
We design each logo based on the info you give us in the logo planner, this is why we stress it is so important to take your time with the form. If you don’t like the 1st draft, it means the info you gave us was inaccurate. Imagine a carpenter, you ask for a table with 4 legs, they give it you, but it turns out you really wanted 6 legs, but forgot to mention. You still have to pay them for the time they spent.

3: Your refund is void if:

A:  we move onto version 2 of the logo.

B:  You change your mind about how you want the logo to look after we submit version 1.

C:  If you change the name of your company after we submit version 1.

D:  If you do not get back to us within 2 months of us sending you version 1.

E:  If for whatever reason your business plans fall through and you won’t be using the logo/company name.

F: If you didn’t fill in the logo planner questionnaire fully and to the best of your abilities.